I want to cancel my booking

We are a non - profit organisation. There are only 2 roles within the community hall that are not voluntary,

 (1)  hall keepers who open, close and setup the venue for your booking 

(2)  cleaning team. 

The above roles require a rota well in advance, which is why full payment is still required if a cancellation is received within 48hours of the booking,  by then we are committed to the Hall Keepers payment.

Other local venues require notification at least 28 days before the event/classes therefore we know 48hours is very reasonable. 

We are unlikely to fill a cancelled booking space at short notice meaning a likely loss of funding, therefore we appreciate as much notice as possible. Our prices are low and we want to make sure it stays that way for everyone to enjoy our venue.

CANCEL - I want to cancel or rearrange but can't see where? If you email EastLintonHall@gmail.com they will contact you to discuss.