East Linton & District Community Association, Registered Charity No. SC007149

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Conditions of Let for Regular Hall Users (2023)

1           General

The East Linton Community Hall is held in trust for the use by the inhabitants of East Linton and District and the Committee of Management have the control over its use.  The Committee of Management is the East Linton and District Community Association (ELDCA), a registered charitable trust run by volunteers. Trustees and members of the committee are listed on Appendix 1.

2           Procedure for Letting

2.1          Bookings

The maximum licensed occupancy for each hall is:

·         Main hall - 150 people

·         Small hall - 60 people

·         Upstairs meeting room – 40 people

Send an email to the bookings officer at eastlintonhall@gmail.com to book any of the halls, the kitchen and the bar.  The booking rates are presented in Appendix 2.

Certain user groups hold regular annual events for which the hall(s) is(are) reserved for their use. These events are listed in Appendix 3. Where possible, regular hall users will be accommodated during these times.  No late lets will be available on the Saturday night prior to an Antiques Fair.

The Committee of Management reserve the right to refuse a booking.  Bookings will not be taken for animal events on the grounds of hygiene and potential damage.  Guide dogs are always welcome.

2.2          Payment

Regular hall users will be sent an invoice from the ELDCA Treasurer for the use of a hall.  Settlement is required by return.

Payment may be made by a cheque made out to E.L.D.C.A and sent to the Treasurer or directly into the ELDCA bank account:

·         Account number: 00168701

·         Sort code: 83.22.25

·         Please quote the invoice number.

Payment in advance is required for all private and commercial bookings.

2.3          Cancellation Policy

ELDCA has a 48-hour written cancellation policy. Full payment is required if a cancellation is received within 48 hours of the booking.

3           Care of the Hall

·         Hall users must have consideration for hall neighbours and for those who may be using other parts of the Hall at the same time.

·         Hall users / hirers are responsible for their group and guests’ behaviour and will be liable for any loss or damage caused to the Hall during the course of a let.

·         All events must finish by midnight and music must stop by 11.30 p.m. at the latest.

·         Users will be charged for unauthorised use of any facilities/halls not confirmed in writing with the bookings officer.

·         Use of staples, tacks, tape, blu-tak or Velcro to decorate the hall is prohibited. The Hall Keeper will provide hooks to hang decorations from the picture rails should these be required. There are also boards which can be hung to display pictures and posters.

·         The use of glitter is also prohibited on environmental grounds.

·         Hall users must inform a joint chairperson of any breakages or damage.

·         Playgroup toys and other items in the garden must not be damaged or removed.

Users will be charged in the event of any loss or damage.

·         After each let, hall users are expected to:

o   wipe down tables and chairs marked with paint, food etc. and clear up wet and dry spills. (There are cleaning materials in the sluice room next to the small hall and behind the sink in the kitchen).

o   take home all possessions unless storage arrangements have been agreed in advance. Anything left unclaimed, unmarked and without the consent of a member of the committee will be disposed of two weeks after the event or sooner if perishable.

o   put all rubbish in bins/bags provided.

o   put all bottles/cans/card/ paper in the recycling bins provided.

o   clean the kitchen, cooker and bar area if it has been used. Users must not dispose of oil-based paints or cooking oil in any sink as it can block the drains.

4           Broadband Acceptable Use

·         Broadband is provided free of charge whilst the ELDCA contract with Lothian Broadband Networks Ltd remains in place. 

·         ELDCA does not guarantee the connection or provide technical support.

·         Hall users are prohibited from using the broadband facility for illegal, destructive or anti-social purposes, such as, but not limited to, deliberately spreading viruses/ malware, gaining unauthorized entry into private systems (hacking), harassing, threatening or intimidating others, viewing pornographic or offensive material, infringing the rights of others (including copyrighted or protected materials or privacy rights), forging headers (as used for phishing), or participating in the sending of unsolicited email (spam), bulk or otherwise.

·         Hall users are prohibited from steaming live television as there is no TV licence in place.

·         Hall users are responsible for supervising the use of the internet by children within their care.

·         Any online financial transactions, using credit/debit cards, are undertaken at the users own risk.

·         ELDCA reserves the right to restrict access to sites which are bandwidth-intensive, such as but not limited to streaming audio/video, games and social networking sites.

·         ELCDA reserves the right to prohibit individuals from using the broadband service if these conditions are breached and will take steps to report illegal activity.

5           Insurance

ELDCA holds the following insurances:

·         Property: covering damage to the building and damage to or theft of Hall property.  Hall property includes furniture and equipment belonging to the Hall. Other items stored in the Hall are not covered and should be insured by the owner.

·         Employer’s liability: currently under review.

·         Public liability: covering accidental injury or damage to property if it is proved that this was caused by negligence on the part of ELDCA or its employees (currently under review). If a group or individual brings equipment into the Hall, any accidents occurring through its use will not be covered by the Hall’s public liability insurance and users should make sure that they are covered by their own policy.

·         Personal Injury: The caretakers of the Hall and committee members are covered for a modest amount of compensation payable in the event of injury sustained while engaged in the business of the Hall. This does not apply to members of the public using the Hall.

Hall users are responsible for providing their own insurances.

6           Health, Safety and Environment

6.1          Risk Assessment & Risk Reduction

ELDCA maintains a safety management system to ensure the safety of everyone associated with the hall.  Information is provided for hall users in the ‘Hall Users Health and Safety’ folder kept in the kitchen.  This includes the ELDCA health and safety policy, risk assessments and health and safety information. 

Hall users must carry out an assessment of the possible risks to the health and safety of themselves and others in the course of their planned activity.  Additional risk assessments must be conducted for any unusual events, such as sleep overs.

Hall users must prepare Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) for their members who have disabilities.  The first-floor meeting room is not suitable for mobility impaired persons and alternative provisions will be made.

Hall users are encouraged to discuss any health and safety concerns or issues with the joint chair responsible for health and safety.

6.2          Fire Safety

Hall users must nominate a person responsible for fire safety (1 per 50 or fewer people).

The nominated person must ensure that their members follow the fire evacuation procedure notices and check that:

·         fire exits are not blocked, locked or wedged open

·         fire extinguishers are not covered, hidden or tampered with in any way.

Hall users are responsible for providing fire safety and emergency evacuation information, training and drills for its members.

Hall users are prohibited from bringing or using the following items in the hall:

·         Pyrotechnics, fireworks and flares, gas (such as Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG))

·         Portable heaters, including electrical, oil or gas

·         Socket adaptors (extension leads are permitted on condition that they are not daisy-chained)

Hall users may use candles, but they must be securely held in a glass receptacle and kept away from soft furnishings / textiles or any other combustible material.   Hall users are encouraged to use battery-operated alternatives.

Hall users are responsible for the safety of their own portable electrical equipment and for the safe use of such equipment.  Power cables should be secured to avoid tripping or other hazards.


Hall users must never leave chargers unattended.


6.3          Chemicals and Substances

Hall users are responsible for assessing and reducing the risks of any chemicals or substances they bring to the hall. 

ELDCA reserve the right to refuse permission to bring chemicals or substances which it assesses to be a significant risk.  This may include flammable materials or materials that are hazardous to health or the environment.

6.4          Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Hall. Smokers should use the ash container provided outside the front door and should keep their voices down when smoking there.

6.5          First Aid and Accident Reporting

A first aid kit and accident book are kept in the kitchen.

Hall users are requested to complete an accident form and inform the joint chair for any events or near misses.

Hall users are requested to inform the joint chair when first-aid equipment is used so that it can be replenished.

6.6          Safety of Children

Hall users are responsible for the safety and protection of children in their group.

For their own safety, children attending activities should not arrive before the group leader.

6.7          Food Safety

Hall users are responsible for ensuring that Food Safety regulations are met if they are serving food or drink in the hall. There are Food Safety posters and a Cooksafe file in the Hall kitchen.

When planning an event, Hall users must check that adequate facilities are available in the hall kitchen. This will include sufficient cold storage and that the ovens are large enough to heat the amount of food required to a safe temperature.

Hall users must return all crockery and cutlery to the correct drawer or cupboard, leave all surfaces clean and clear, including the tops of the wall units.

Hall users must not leave washing up for the Hall Keeper to deal with.

The ovens, fridge, microwave, sink, floor and surfaces must be left clean at the end of a let.

6.8          Environmental

(Environmental policy currently being prepared)

ELDCA encourages environmentally sound practices.  Hall users are requested to switch off lights after use, close doors to keep the heat in, and recycling waste in the bins provided.

Hall users must not change any of the settings on the heating systems/ boiler unless permission has been granted by an officer of ELDCA.

The use of glitter in any form is prohibited, including, but not limited to art work, dressing up and decoration.

7           Licences

If selling alcohol, the hirer must obtain an Occasional Licence from East Lothian Council and ensure that under age people do not obtain alcohol. Please Drink Responsibly.

The Hall has a Public Entertainment Licence and a joint PRS/PPL licence for music. Profit making users wishing to play music must ensure that they do not need their own PRS.

8           Music / Noise

·         Volumes must be kept to reasonable levels and no music is allowed after 11.30 p.m.

·         No amplified sound equipment is permitted in the garden.

·         Only one disco or let with music will be permitted per weekend.

9           Use of the Garden

Hire of the small hall will include access and use of the garden. Users are asked not to use any articles which may be kept in the garden for use by other groups such the Playgroup and to ensure that the garden is left clean and tidy after use.