Fundamental Pilates with Senada

Since my early teens I have been interested in anatomy and art. In 2000 I gained a Masters in Fine Art, in Sculpture.

In my thirties I became aware of my bad posture and wanted to learn how to improve it. In spring 2018 I qualified as a Pilates teacher at the Bridgid McCarthy studio.

Since June 2018 I have been teaching in East Linton Community Hall and also giving private lessons in the comfort of clients’ homes.

My teaching is influenced by Eve Gentry’s Pre-Pilates approach - a more gentle approach of building up awareness of one’s body, understanding its mechanics and applying Pilates principles for movements : breathing, centring, concentration, control, flow and precision, without forcing, tensing, gripping or holding-any part of one’s body.

In every class we start with relaxation: releasing the spine without pushing or struggling, observing and allowing natural breathing to happen; joint release and core strengthening exercises; articulations of the spine in flexion, rotation, side bend and extension; following the natural progression of human movement development.

The Minimum number of people in a class is 4, the maximum 7.

If you are a group of friends who would like to come at a certain time, do get in touch and I would be happy to start a new class that would suit your specific requirements.


£9 a session

£40 for a block of 5 (used within 7 weeks period)


Mobile: 07780823085

Classes in East Linton Community Hall - the room upstairs